Friday, February 7, 2014

Shakeela Is Die-Hard Fan Of Dileep!

Shakeela, who was keeping away from the industry for sometime, was back in news recently after she published her autobiography. The book was published by Olive Books and it is the true story of the actress on and off screen. Her greatest wish in movies was to act along with Dileep, of whom she is a great fan. Shakeela says that she is die-hard fan of Dileep and had wished to be a part of his movies. But, circumstances did not give her the opportunity to act alongside with him. And, now she is out from the industry. But, Shakeela is ready to do comedy roles even now in a Dileep movie.

In the book, Shakeela is said to have missed out one incident from her life (may be purposely, claims sources). She was having a serious relationship with the brother of a popular actress in the industry. Later, the man ditched her and left. It took her a lot of time to come out of it. Shakeela has written the facts attached to her life in such a way that she leaves no doubt in the minds of her readers. Earlier, she was seen playing a cameo role in the Prithviraj starred movie Theja Bhai And Family.

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