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Some bitter truths of the of biography of Shakeela - Book Excerpts

Hyderabad: Shakeela the south Indian actress has published her life story as a Biography called "Shakeela's Autumkatha" , She has written the facts and all aspects of her life in the book. Many people were afraid she might reveal some facts abot them can relax as the book. is more about the facts of her prasdavincindi bitter. Sakilake more than once remuneration paid actress. Most of the book is about Shakeela's past tragedies.

Talking about her childhood she says "I grew up in the castle right behind her Malayalam film industry are among the afflicted. Magalla kalalarani million remaining in her life when she says sukhapadaledani. 'I do not feel guilty .. Surveys in 'Creating a buzz out of the biography was released in Malayalam is the tagline. In some parts of the Times newspaper, they have translated some of the ... On the slideshow ... What was the book The remaining

షకీలా ఆత్మ కథలో కొన్ని చేదు నిజాలు...

>br /> హైదరాబాద్ : సెక్స్‌ బాంబ్‌ షకీలా త్వరలో తాను ఆత్మ కథ రాయబోతున్నానని,ఉన్నదున్నట్లు నిజాలు రాస్తానని ప్రకటించిన గానే చాలా మందిలో భయాలు చెలరేగాయి..ఎవరి గుట్టు ఆమె విప్పుతుందో అని భయపడ్డారు. అయితే పుస్తకం రానే వచ్చింది. ఆమె తన గురించిన చేదు వాస్తవాలే ఈ పుస్తకంలో ఎక్కువ ప్రస్దావించింది. ఒకప్పుడు హీరోయిన్ల కన్నా షకీలాకే ఎక్కువ రెమ్యూనరేషన్ ఇచ్చేవారు. అలాంటి షకీలా గతం చాలా విషాదమయం. చిన్నప్పుడు సూళ్లూరుపేట దగ్గర కోటలో పెరిగిన ఆమె మలయాళం సినీ పరిశ్రమకు వెనుక ఆశ్చర్యపరిచి బాధపెట్టే వాస్తవాలు ఉన్నాయి. కోట్ల మంది మగళ్ళ కలలరాణి అయిన షకీలా తన జీవితంలో ఎప్పుడైనా సుఖపడలేదని చెప్తోంది . 'నాలో అపరాధ భావన లేదు.. బాధే ఉంది' అనే ట్యాగ్‌లైన్‌తో మలయాళంలో విడుదలయిన ఈ ఆత్మకథ అక్కడ సంచలనం సృష్టిస్తోంది. అందులోని కొన్ని భాగాలు ఆంధ్రజ్యోతి దినపత్రిక వారు అనువాదం చేసారు అందులో కొన్ని... స్లైడ్ షోలో...

షకీలా పుస్తకంలో ఏం రాసింది

I'm not ..

'Why should I book autobiography? Anyone have anything to learn from my life? Not just for Mother Teresa. I spent a fabulous life. I also krtrimamainave films. So, I must have the autobiography? Initially, I had similar thoughts. I have come to the rayamante autobiography is not accepting it. Refused. But that was then changed my mind.

Sadharanamainadanine ...   I'm a normal girl. Batakalanukunnanu usually.Judged by others as some one could not be taught. I do not know nothing about touoble of me. and Manju , I do not know anyone. I do not know why I my name became a symbol of romantic crush. How to Shakeela enjoyed how everyone closes teliyalane wrote in her autobiography.

All my sariranne ...   My film is not my body, there is nothing romantic cupattadam. Im a woman, i do not see one today. She has decided to kalalaku romantic counterpart for a time I was a journalist. Put the rice on to anyone who is hungry. Santosannivvadu nothing else except it.

Haiyist remyunesan ...   At one point - this film more than I tisukonedanni remuneration. From one location to another lokesanku tirigedanni flights. Historically PHYSICAL Participant film. A few times - day two, three hours' sleep is also not found.

My mother ... I have no good memories of our relating to the sale. I've always love her. Had to cry. Has destroyed my life to it. She does not love to give it to her. Hers was alive. Who curse.

At the age of 16 ... As far as I was sixteen. I was never a day opprobrious the rules to me. After that - I had a guy come out of the tisukuvedatadani. He comes to me tisukuveltadani a money guy .. With 'good' if the - the whole family is hoping that the financial problems. Insisted that he had to sa

I went ...   I was shocked. Acquisition of words I whispered to me what that means. But there is no other choice for me. A man told me to come and have adopted a divorcee. I was the richest person in the room. I can see him with sadness, fear, gaddakattukupoya. He did not rape me. It is only the beginning.

When virginity ...   I had to go to the next such dhanavantulanekamandi. I'd suffer. I was also a little satisfied. They can, when I did not give me my virginity.

Or else to have sex ..   Alcohol tisukonetappudu - quarter of women than men, as much as I can afford. After a drunken men declare their commas. I was ready to cater to their desires with unnananukuntaru tagutunnanante. In such a way he would survive. Emotional poverty of their life. There's a different feeling than the sex life or not.

While on the set ... Performing music scenes with photographs - many people ask the question of whether the romantic feelings are caused during the shooting. During the entire unit is shooting throughout. Can one look at every one for the motivations of sex?

If not associated with mind..   In relation to women, not only to her omentum. If the sex much emotional attachment. In films I only do just acting. The husband is the one who can satisfy the sex desires.

My sister up!   Nur is the main reason I helped my father who went bankrupt. Retrieved South Indian film actress and I paid more than once in the field. However, our sister stole my song.  

Cestundanukoledu fraud .. A period of a transaction will see my money. I do not trust him completely. He has been with me since my childhood. I did not expect it to behave so ever. At one point, I was fed up with this film. Another lokesanku air moving from one location - on the eye to do boring me to shootings. 

I took a break. So our ammatonu peaceful married life, nurjahantonu said. Then I was shocked. Break would not have looked at the extra large crime. Nur persuaded begun to take decisions on the sly. They just love my money, I had no idea who was on the future. I got very angry. I've gotten dependent. Nur 

The book is expected ... Edition: 1 Publisher: Olive publications Pages: 242 Size: Demy 1/8 Binding: Paperback Edition: 2013 October 

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